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Naps (AKA Memory Boosters)


Did you know short-term memory is limited? That means you can only fit so much in when you study. To free up space and transfer the information to long-term memory, sleep is required. This means nap breaks are great when you are studying and reviewing your notes right before going to sleep at night is ideal.

The trick to taking a nap is determining what length of time you should sleep to reap the rewards you are looking for and not sleeping so long that it interferes with sleep at night.



To ensure you don’t sleep longer than you intended, you should set an alarm. There is even a Power Nap app you can use. If you don’t, this could be you…



And, if you need proof,  check out who some of the most famous nappers were and see some research to back up the benefits of sleep on memory by visiting Barking Up the Wrong Tree*


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