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Plan Ahead

As you get older, social circles widen. When this happens, it becomes more important to think through who is going to be involved in an event. While even your best friends can come up with some not very good ideas…



others may come up with ideas that can put you in a position where you feel pressured to make decisions that you know are not a good idea and could possibly harm you or others.

To prevent this from happening, it is best to plan ahead.  Start with thinking through how you can tell someone you don’t want to go to their party or hang out.

For help and a dash of humor, check out how Quinta featured in the picture above does more than just tell her friend “I don’t want to go” when asked about going to a party. And, see how two others handle telling a friend they can’t go to his party

And, if you decide to participate, despite that little voice telling you to use caution, have a plan to get you home safely.

Your first protector is your parents. Then there are teachers, law enforcement officers  and others. Eventually and most powerfully, there is you.— Anonymous


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