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Finding Your Footing In the Political World

Excited about the future and about how you’re going to change the world, but you don’t quite know where or how to start?


The first step is to always start at home. This means joining your school’s Student Government organization. Student government represents the best interests of a school’s student body and helps shape the student experience on campus.

But why stop there. Local and Area Governments want to hear from you! Attend meetings, sign up to speak about causes you care about, and once you turn 18 run for a position. Especially if you are staying in the Bloomington-Normal area after graduation. With students being a large part of the population, they need people like you to be their voice. Visit the Bloomington City Council or Normal City Council page to find out more!



Don’t want to be on the council but still want to participate in local issues, learn about organizations you can volunteer with and become an activist or an advocate for the issues that are important to you.

Be sure to check out President Barrack Obama’s letter about social activism, and learn whether you prefer activism or advocacy. Unsure of the difference? Check out this article




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