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Community Resources to Help Write Your Way Into That Dream School

College admissions requirements, especially those pesky essay questions, got you feeling a little like this?



Do the words “tell me a little bit about yourself” suddenly cause you to forget every superpower you have or exciting thing you have ever done?

Well, don’t stress, we have all been there. And there are resources in your community that can help. Ilinois Wesleyan University’s (IWU) Writing Center is the one-stop shop for all your writing needs!

  1. Would you like help with application essays for college?
  2. Could you benefit from getting another perspective on your writing?
  3. Would it be useful to have someone guide you as you create a cover letter or resumé?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have to check out the fantastic tutors from all majors at IWU. By having someone else look over your writing, you can gain insight into its effectiveness and overall voice.



The IWU Writing Center also offers quick reference guides to help answer questions about citing sources, sentence structure, and more.

But most importantly, when working on college essays, cover letters, or resumes, just be yourself. College admission staff from across the country offer some great insight into the best essays they have ever read and advise on making your essay stand out.


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