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Your Brain on Music

We all have that one genre of music that’s our go to – we prefer to listen to “Best Day Of My Life” By American Authors on repeat, but that’s just us.



But, did you know, the different effects music can have on your brain depends upon the genre you prefer to listen to?

According to this article, each genre of music can help us in its own way based upon where in our brain it activates.

  • Soothing music like Jazz helps us destress and has healing powers.
  • Upbeat music releases endorphins which makes us happy and increases our immunity.
  • Pop music boosts energy and helps us exercise better.
  • Rhythmic drumming helps in meditation.
  • Classical music helps in memory recall and also deters crime.
  • Metal is good for our sense of self and gives a strong sense of identity.
  • Rap music can help fight against depression.
  • Country music evokes feelings of internal joy.

And not every genre is for you, and that’s okay. However, when you’re in the car with your friends, and a song comes on that you can’t understand how they can listen to it, you’ll know what’s being activated in their brain and it might just make it easier to suffer through the three minutes.


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