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Mirror Mirror on the Wall

We’ve heard time and time again, reflection should be an important part of anything we do. Teachers ask up to reflect on a lesson they gave, coaches ask us to reflect on how the practice or game went, we even ask ourselves to think about how a day went that we were nervous about. But have you ever stopped and reflected on reflecting?



Did you know there is actually a process you can follow when you reflect that best supports your happiness? Well, there is, and it looks like this.

This is a simple guide to the process of self-reflection:

  • STOP: Take a step back from life or a particular situation.
  • LOOK: Identify and get perspective on what you notice and see.
  • LISTEN: Listen to your inner guide, the innate wisdom that bubbles up when you give it time and space to emerge.
  • ACT: Identify the steps you need to take moving forward to adjust, change or improve.

It also is important to think about what we are reflecting on and everything can really be broken into two different categories.

  1. Reflect on YOU – This includes who you are and what you want for your life.
  2. Reflect on the areas of your life that are important to you – This might include your relationships, home and family, career, health and well-being, finances, goals, spirituality and person growth, and fun and recreation.

This article dives more into what to ask, why it’s important, and where to start, so take a look and really get to know more about yourself.


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