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Two Stepping Your Way To Happiness

We all have that one song. That one that comes on and no matter where we are, what we’re doing, we just have to break it down.



But besides getting to show off our sweet dance moves, what can dancing really do for our mental health?

In one survey of non-professional dancers, mood improvement was their main motivation for dancing, followed by socializing and escapism. A meta-analysis of 23 studies involving over 1,000 subjects suggests that dance movement therapy and the therapeutic use of dance are particularly effective for increasing quality of life and decreasing symptoms of depression and anxiety.

Dancing can also relieve stress, so when you need a brain break from studying, try shanking your groove thing for a few minutes to help get you back on track.

You can even take a class to learn technique, movement, skill, and how to have fun with music. But if you’d rather start at home, check out some of these dancers and turn the living room in to your very own dance studio.

Try your hand at modern dance or channel your inner Fosse with online classes:


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