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Cook The Stress Away

Think about your favorite meal. Perhaps it’s chicken tenders? Pasta? Stir fry? Pizza? There are so many delicious foods out there – and we’ll bet you could make it on your own. Cooking can be a fun and stress-relieving activity.

Some benefits of cooking include:

  • Learning an important life skill
  • Promotes healthy eating
  • Can bring you closer to someone – cook with a friend or family member!
  • Allows for creativity – like adding a new spice to food, decorating a dessert, etc.
  • Cooking for others can show that you care – perhaps make your mom breakfast on her birthday?
  • Personal accountability – remember to clean up after yourself 🙂

If you don’t know where to start, the internet has tons of ideas. You can find so many articles and videos with all sorts of recipes, no matter what dietary restrictions you may have. Find them through google searches, Pinterest, YouTube, and more. A few examples are below.

Pancakes From Scratch

Chicken Wrap

5 Ingredient Pasta Salad

Are you creative and artsy? Perhaps baking is more your style. Invite a friend over and bake some cookies. There are so many options out there – bake them from scratch, get a box mix, or simply buy the “ready to bake” packages of cookies. Bake up some cookies, cupcakes, or a cake, and then get creative and decorate them! Some examples are below.



When you’re done with your baked masterpiece, consider sharing it on your favorite social media platform to show off your work. Remember to have fun, be safe, and enjoy your home-cooked meal or dessert.



This article was developed by Sarah Nuscher, Intern from Illinois State University.



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