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It’s Not a Race

Sometimes, life can seem like a race. What is alarming is that sometimes you don’t even know you have entered it. All you know is that you are either winning or losing. If you see yourself as winning, you are desperate to stay number one. If you see yourself as losing, you may either frantically step up your game or pull out all together. Before you do anything, what I suggest you do is become a spectator of you. Yep, start watching yourself!

I guess you can call this mindfulness. That is really what it is. Start observing yourself without judgment, just watch. Eventually, you may start to look at life less as a race and more as a dance.










When that happens, start asking questions. What is my style? What feels the most comfortable to me? What are my strengths? What are my weaknesses? How do I learn best? What does it take to be the best version of me?

If you would like help practicing mindfulness, there are tons of apps to get you started. One of my favorites in Insight Timer and it is free!

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