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Napping Your Way to Success

It’s a fact that short naps in the afternoon can help to increase learning and memory, improve reasoning and problem solving skills, and even put us in a better mood. Study after study will confirm that. But often time they don’t give suggestions on how to nap.




Here are just some suggestions from Casper, visit the link to find out more tips for the best nap you’ve ever had, as well as learn more about how napping can help improve our minds throughout the day.

Time it for 20 minutes

20 minutes allows us to feel rested but not groggy and grumpy. It’s the best amount of time for a power nap, but if you want something longer aim for 90 minutes which will let you complete a full sleep cycle.

Set conditions to fall asleep fast

We want to give our bodies the most out a nap so it’s bet to set ourselves up for success with optimal nap conditions. Dark, quiet space, preferably a nice comfy space to lay on. If that’s not possible try popping in headphones with white noise going or a powernap meditation from Headspace and use a hoodie to cover your eyes.




You don’t always have to sleep




Just by simply allowing your body to rest with your eyes closed can give you the same benefits as if you were able to nap. You can use this time to do a mediation, create a mental grocery list, or plan out what you want to accomplish for the rest of the day.

Allow yourself time to wake back up

Give yourself time to recover after a nap. While slowly waking up start thinking about the tasks you want to accomplish and come up with a plan so when you are up you can dive right in.




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