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Shopping Our Way To A Greener Planet

We’ve already given you ideas on how you can help the environment in general right now. (Haven’t read it yet? Click here to learn more!)

But what about what you can do right here in Bloomington-Normal? Where in town can you go to help this community?

You could start by volunteering at the Ecology Action Center.

They host volunteer events all across the community, but if you’re ever just walking along Constitution Trail and are annoyed by the trash, stop by the center and sign out a grabber and bucket. Work on two areas of wellness with one activity!

Is shopping more your style?

Well, you can always help the environment by Thrifting.



Did you know the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics considers thrift store sales clerks as having “Green Jobs?” And for a good reason: every part of the clothing production process takes water:

  • It takes at least 400 gallons of water to grow enough cotton to make one t-shirt.
  • A pair of jeans needs at least 1,800 gallons.

There are also all the pesticides that are often used to grow cotton, which can contaminate ground and surface water, leading to soil acidification and agricultural run-off that can disrupt ecosystems.

The entire process requires energy. That includes washing, de-sizing, bleaching, rinsing, dyeing, printing, finishing, transporting, packaging, etc.

Shopping at thrift stores encourages the re-use of clothing and items that have already been created, decreasing the need for the production of additional items.

Finally, by shopping at thrift stores, you’re helping decrease the size of landfills.

Click here to learn more about the benefits of thrifting instead of buying new.

Check out our directory to learn about the different places in town to start your thrifting adventure!

Whatever you do – big or small – the Earth thanks you!



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