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Does The Type Of Music We Listen To Really Affect Our Mood?

Ever hear a song and you are just instantly happy? It’s upbeat, catchy, and puts you in a good mood.



But why is that? What is happening in our brains that just brings a smile to our face and puts some pep in our step?

Well, first music offers our brains a healthy dose of Dopamine. According to Dr. Mohammed Saeed, MD. “Dopamine is one of the “feel-good” chemicals in our brain. Interacting with the pleasure and reward center of our brain, dopamine — along with other chemicals like serotonin, oxytocin, and endorphins — plays a vital role in how happy we feel. In addition to our mood, dopamine also affects movement, memory, and focus.”

Secondly, we have to look at the type of music we’re listening to. Studies show positive thinking (and listening) really does work. A study asked two groups of people to listen to music. The group who intentionally listened to upbeat music improved their moods and happiness in just two weeks. When a separate group was instructed to listen to different music that wasn’t deemed positive-sounding, they didn’t experience the same mood-boosting effect. So the next time you’re blue, maybe put on a song that will make you smile.

We’re partial to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, but that’s just us.



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